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New EP from a dude named Tito Vic, some electronic goodness here.

This one has a lotta the elements I like..smooth gliding pads, acid-y/bouncy bassline, and catchy melodic vocals. word



I can hardly believe it myself. But it’s done.

On May 31st, I’ll be releasing my third album.

If you get a pre-order in, you catch a downloadable track before anyone else.

PLEASE share this, re-tumblr it, tweet it, get it to your friends who love nerdy hip-hop on Facebook. Any support is so appreciated.

Listen/purchase: Natural (Influence): The World and What We Made of It in 2013 by AMS (Agent Mos)


preview track from an EP I’m making for my baby nephew called “Lullabies for Axel (when your older)”

Full drop should be out soon, I just have one more track to finish.

Dry Heat by Ryebread/Wuk from the album: Mixes

Wuk aka Ryebread is at it again with the quality mixes! I’ve always looked up to this dude’s music tastes and he puts a lot of care into the blends/programming. Dig it!

Connect Force’s Jezi tha Dishwasha’s album is coming soon! Peep this ode to John Vietnam (RIP) and get ready for the full length!